How to know Praja Palana application number

In this blog we will talk about if you have lost or forget your Praja Palana Application Number so here we will discuss which problems you will face and also how can you solve it. While not having your application number makes it slightly more challenging, there are still ways to check your Praja Palana application status:

Option 1: Use Alternative Identifiers (if applicable):

Aadhaar Number: Some portals allow checking status using your Aadhaar number. Visit and look for a “Track Application Status by Aadhaar” option. If available, enter your Aadhaar number and proceed.

Ration Card Number: Similar to Aadhaar, some portals might offer status checking using your ration card number. Look for an option like “Track Application Status by Ration Card” and enter your details.

Praja Palana Status Check
Praja Palana Status Check

Option 2: Contact Praja Palana Authorities:

MeeSeva Center: Visit the MeeSeva center where you submitted your application. Show your receipt (if you have it) or explain your situation. They should be able to retrieve your application number and update you on its status.

Praja Palana Helpline: Call the Praja Palana helpline at 040 – 48560012 or reach them on WhatsApp at 9121006471. Explain your situation and provide any details you remember about your application, such as date of submission, scheme applied for, etc. They may be able to help you retrieve your application number or update you on its status directly.

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Additional Tips:

• If you have a copy of your application form or any document mentioning your application details, try searching for the application number on those documents.

• Search online for the specific Praja Palana scheme you applied for. Some schemes might have dedicated portals or helplines with alternative methods to track application status.

Remember, patience is key. Due to the volume of applications, processing times can vary. If you’re unable to retrieve your application number immediately, keep trying the methods mentioned above or contact the Praja Palana authorities for further assistance.

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