Mojini v3

Mojini is a mobile application launched by the Department of Revenue, Karnataka Government.Mojini makes it easier to use different Karnataka government land services online.This helps things run with transparency and efficiency .

Key Features of Mojini

1.Track Application Status: One of the most valuable features of Mojini allows users to check the status of their land-related applications by entering the application number. You don’t have to visit government offices for updates.

2.View Allotment Status: Similar to application status, Mojini enables users to track the allotment status of their land applications.

3.Land Sketch Access: The app provides access to various land-related sketches crucial for land ownership and transactions. These include:

• 11E Sketch: This sketch depicts the boundaries and extent of a specific land parcel.

• Alienation Sketch: This sketch showcases government land that has been assigned to private individuals or entities.

• Phodi Sketch: This sketch illustrates the land boundaries within a village map.

4.Revenue Maps:  Mojini allows users to view village maps, which can be helpful for visualizing land location and understanding surrounding areas.

5.Dispute Case and MIS Reports: The app offers access to reports related to land disputes and department-related Management Information Systems (MIS). While the  specific functionalities  might require user permissions or department logins, it indicates a potential move towards providing centralized access to such information.

6.Circulars and Updates: The app serves as a platform for the department to disseminate official circulars and updates related to land policies and procedures.

Mojini v3
Mojini v3

Launched byRevenue Department,Government of Karnataka, India
FunctionSoftware to process land permit issuance
Key FeatureTransparent and automated permit issuance process
Additional InformationFIFO (First In, First Out) issuance process Likely focuses on Karnataka specific land permits
Application Status Check Online
Official Website

Benefits of Using Mojini

Transparency: By facilitating online tracking of applications and access to land records, Mojini App promotes transparency in the department’s functioning.

Convenience: The Mojini app eliminates the need for frequent visits to government offices, saving time and effort for users.

Accessibility: Information and services are readily available at users’ fingertips, promoting easier access to land-related matters.

How to download and use Mojini App

The Mojini app is available for download on the Google Play Store.It’s likely available on the Apple App Store as well.The app interface is likely available in Kannada, the official language of Karnataka, but this information couldn’t be confirmed definitively.

Mojini makes things easier for people in Karnataka to track their land related services and important documents online. This is a big step forward for the Revenue Department of Karnataka.

Mojini v3 Application Status check

Follow the steps below to know how to check Mojini v3 Application status :

1.Visit the official mojini v3 website.

2.Click on check application status.

3.Here you can check your application status in three ways :

Mojini v3 Application Status
Mojini v3 Application Status

• With application number

Enter your Application number

Then click on Get status

After clicking on get status you will see this

Mojini v3 Status
Mojini v3 Status

Now Click on Track Status Icon

Here you can see your Application status in detail

• With Mobile Number

Enter your Registered mobile number.

Now click on get status

• With Survey Number

Select District

Select Taluk

Select Hobli

Select Village


Select Surnoc

Select Hissa No.

What is Mojini v3

Mojini v3 appears to be the current iteration of the Karnataka Revenue Department’s mobile application.

How to Login Mojini v3

Here are the steps to login Mojini V3:

1.Open a web browser and go to the official website of the Karnataka Land Records:

2.This will take you to the Mojini V3 login page.

Mojini v3 login
Mojini v3 login

3.Now Enter your Username and Password.

4.Once you have filled in all the details, click on the Login button.

Mojini v3 login
Mojini v3 login


If you don’t have a username and password for Mojini V3, you will need to register for an account before you can log in.

If you are still having trouble logging in, you can try contacting the Karnataka Land Records department for help.

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11E Sketch Application status Mojini v3

Download the Mojini app from the Karnataka Government App Store (

Open the app and navigate to the section for viewing sketches (This might be labeled “11E Sketch”, “Sketch View”,

There might be two options:

Enter reference number manually: Look for a field to enter the survey number or reference number for the land record.Enter the number you have and proceed.

Select from previous applications: If you’ve used Mojini to track an application related to this land record earlier, it might be listed for quick access.Choose the relevant application if available.

Once you proceed, the sketch (map) for the land record should be displayed on the app.

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