Aahar Jharkhand

Aahar Jharkhand is a program launched by the Jharkhand state government.It specifically targets food security and aims to provide subsidized food grains to the underprivileged population within the state.Aahar Jharkhand was officially introduced in 2017.

Objectives of Aahar Jharkhand

Subsidized Food Distribution : The primary objective of Aahar Jharkhand is the monthly distribution of ration supplies at subsidized rates.

Nutritional Security: Aahar Jharkhand emphasizes providing a balanced and nutritious diet.

Community Development : The initiative strives to empower communities by ensuring access to affordable and nutritious food.

Aahar Jharkhand
Aahar Jharkhand

Aahar JharkhandGovernment portal for managing PDS in Jharkhand
eligibility for a ration card in Jharkhand?AAY (poorest families), PHH (economically disadvantaged), White Card (above poverty line)
How to access ration card details?Login with ration card number or beneficiary ID on the portal
Benefits of using the Aahar Jharkhand portal?View details & entitlements, find shops, check grain availability, stay updated on schemes
Official website https://aahar.jharkhand.gov.in

Benefits of Aahar Jharkhand

Reduced Food Expenses : Aahar Jharkhand offers significant relief to low-income families by making essential food items affordable. 

Improved Nutrition: “Aahar Jharkhand prioritizes providing a well-rounded diet, essential for both the physical and mental growth of children, setting the stage for their future success.

• “Social Upliftment : By ensuring food security, Aahar Jharkhand contributes to a healthier and more empowered citizenry, fostering social progress.

Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card

The Aahar Jharkhand ration card acts as your key to unlocking the program’s benefits.​It categorizes households based on their economic background:

Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY): This category includes the poorest families in the state and offers them the most significant benefits.

Priority Households (NFSA): This category covers families above the poverty line but facing economic challenges.

Above Poverty Line (APL): This category is not entitled to subsidized rations under Aahar Jharkhand.

Check Aahar Jharkhand ration card list

Visit the Aahar Jharkhand website: https://aahar.jharkhand.gov.in/pages

• Look for a section beneficiary card details.

• Now click on eligibility list.

Aahar Jharkhand ration card list
Aahar Jharkhand ration card list

• Enter your district,block,dealer,card type and month year.

• Now enter the captcha and click on submit.

• The system will display ration card list.

Check Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card details

Steps to check your Ahar Jharkhand Ration Card details:

1. Visit the Aahar Jharkhand website:

2. Navigate to the beneficiary card details.

3. Now click on ration card details.

Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card details
Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card details

4.Enter your district,block,cardtype and ration card number.

• Fill out the captcha code and click on submit.

• You’ll see your ration card details on the screen.

Aahar Jharkhand ration card download

Downloading your Ahar Jharkhand ration card directly from the website isn’t currently possible.However,you can still access your ration card details electronically through DigiLocker or on official website.

1.Downloading from DigiLocker (if linked):

• If you’ve linked your Aadhaar card with DigiLocker, your ration card might already be available there in digital format.

• Visit the DigiLocker website and log in using your Aadhaar details.

• Search for “Ration Card” among your issued documents.

• If your Jharkhand ration card is available, you can download it from there.

2.Downloading from site

• Visit the official site of Aahar Jharkhand

• Click on ration card details.

• Enter your ration card number and fill out the captcha.

• You can now access and print your ration card information.

Aahar Jharkhand ration card
Aahar Jharkhand ration card

Aahar Jharkhand Green card registration

• Visit the official website of ahar jharkhand.

Ahar Jharkhand Green card registration
Ahar Jharkhand Green card registration

• On menu click on Green card.

• Now click on register to apply for ration card.

• Enter the following details :

Name as in Aadhar Card


Father/Husband’s Name

Name of Father/Husband


Social class

Date of Birth

mobile number

Aadhaar Number

card type





Upload Aadhar Card

• After filling form completely then click on register.

Documents required for Aahar Jharkhand ration card

The documents required to apply for an Aahar Jharkhand ration card:

Aadhaar Card: This is the most important document as it serves as proof of identity and residence.

Passport-sized photograph: One attested photograph of each family member applying for the ration card. The photograph must be attested by a Gazetted Officer.

Proof of Address: One of the following documents as proof of address:

Electricity Bill

House Rent Receipt

Telephone Bill

Gas Connection Book

Other Documents (optional):

Bank Passbook

Income Certificate (if applying for APL category)

Caste Certificate or Category Certificate (if applicable)

Mobile Number

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Aahar jharkhand login

1. Visit the official site of Aahar Jharkhand ration card.

2.Click on card holder login.

Aahar jharkhand login
Aahar jharkhand login

3.Now select Login As Rationcard No and Password.

Aahar jharkhand login
Aahar jharkhand login

4.Enter your ration card number,card type and last four digits of your aadhar number.

Aahar jharkhand login
Aahar jharkhand login

5.Fillout captcha code and click on login.

6.You will receive otp on your registered mobile number enter that otp and click on submit.

Aahar jharkhand login
Aahar jharkhand login

• The system will display ration card details of your family.


What is Aahar Jharkhand?

Aahar Jharkhand is the government portal for managing the Public Distribution System (PDS) in Jharkhand.It allows residents to access information about their ration cards, shops, entitlements,and schemes related to food security.

Who is eligible for a ration card in Jharkhand?

There are three main categories of ration cards in Jharkhand:

Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY): For the poorest families (annual income below Rs. 15000)

Priority Household (PHH): For economically disadvantaged families, typically in rural areas.

White Ration Card: For families above the poverty line, not eligible for subsidized food grains.

How can I access my ration card details on Aahar Jharkhand?

You can access your ration card details by visiting the Aahar Jharkhand portal (https://aahar.jharkhand.gov.in/pages) and logging in with your ration card number or beneficiary ID.

What are the benefits of using the Aahar Jharkhand portal?

The Aahar Jharkhand portal allows you to:

View your ration card details and entitlements.

Find nearby ration shops.

Check the availability of food grains at shops.

Stay updated on government schemes related to food security.

Where can I find more information about Aahar Jharkhand?

Aahar Jharkhand Portal: (https://aahar.jharkhand.gov.in/pages)

Department of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs, Jharkhand: (https://pds.jharkhand.gov.in/secc_cardholders/ercmsProcess)

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