Parihara Payment

Bele Parihara is a program that was developed by Karnataka government to provide financial assistance to farmers who have suffered crop loss due to natural calamities.

What is Bele Parihara Karnataka

Bele Parihara is an online application developed by the Department of Revenue, Government of Karnataka. It facilitates direct benefit transfer (DBT) of relief funds to the Aadhaar-linked bank accounts of eligible farmers.By using an online system, financial aid gets delivered quickly and directly to the right people, with no room for delays or confusion.


ProgramBele Parihara Scheme
LocationKarnataka, India
Administered byDepartment of Revenue, Government of Karnataka
Website[Karnataka Bele Parihara][karnataka bele parihara ON Bhoomi Online]
PurposeProvide financial assistance to farmers who suffer crop losses due to natural calamities
Benefits* Direct cash transfer to Aadhaar linked bank accounts * Assistance for Khariff (monsoon) and Rabi (winter) seasons
EligibilityFarmers who cultivate land in Karnataka and have experienced crop loss due to drought, floods, or other natural disasters
Status Check* Login to the Parihara portal using Aadhaar number * Check beneficiary status report

Features of Bele Parihara

Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT): Bele Parihara leverages Aadhaar for DBT, minimizing bureaucratic hurdles and delays associated with traditional cash transfers.

Transparency: The Parihara web portal provides access to various reports, including taluk-wise payment reports, village-wise beneficiary payment reports, and citizen login for status checks. This transparency fosters accountability and empowers farmers to track their claims.

Efficiency: The online platform streamlines the application process and expedites claim settlements.

Eligibility for Bele Parihara

The specific eligibility criteria for Bele Parihara may vary depending on the nature and severity of the crop loss. However, some general parameters typically include:

Land ownership: The farmer must be a registered landowner in the state of Karnataka.

Crop loss due to calamity: The farmer must have demonstrably suffered crop loss due to drought, floods, or other natural disasters.

Aadhaar seeding: The farmer’s bank account must be linked to their Aadhaar number for DBT eligibility.

Parihara payment Status check

1. Check the Parihara Website:

• Visit the official Parihara web portal: [Karnataka Bele Parihara ON Bhoomi]

2. Look for a Citizen Login :

Parihara Payment
Parihara Payment

The website might have a section for Citizen Login or Beneficiary Status Check.If available, this would be the most direct way to access your specific Bele Parihara status.

Parihara Payment
Parihara Payment

3. Explore Reports :

Parihara Payment
Parihara Payment

The website offers reports like “Parihara Payment Report” and “Village-wise Beneficiary Payment Report.” While not a personalized status check, these reports might provide insights into the overall payment status for your district or village, potentially indicating progress on your claim.

Parihara Payment
Parihara Payment

4. Consider contacting authorities:

If the website doesn’t offer a clear method for individual status checks, you might need to contact the Department of Agriculture, Government of Karnataka, for further guidance.Their website ( might have contact information.

Additional Notes:

• There are reports of a mobile app being launched for easier status checks. However, details and availability are yet to be confirmed. Keep an eye on the Parihara website for updates.

• Remember to have your Aadhaar number or Parihara ID (if provided) handy when seeking information on your claim.

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How to Apply for Bele Parihara

The application process for Bele Parihara typically involves:

1.Field assessment: Agricultural officials assess the extent of crop damage in affected areas.

2.Data entry: Verified data on crop loss is entered into the Parihara web portal.

3.Scrutiny and approval: The application undergoes scrutiny and approval by the concerned authorities.

4.Direct transfer: Upon approval, the relief amount is directly transferred to the beneficiary’s Aadhaar-linked bank account.

Recent Developments

As of June 4, 2024, the Karnataka government has reportedly been distributing Bele Parihara compensation to farmers affected by the 2023 Kharif season drought.News articles also mention the launch of a mobile app to facilitate easier status checks for farmers.


Bele Parihara represents a significant step by the Karnataka government towards supporting its farmers during times of hardship.The program’s emphasis on transparency, efficiency, and direct financial assistance aims to empower farmers and strengthen the state’s agricultural sector.

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