Nadakacheri, which translates to “government office” in Kannada, is an initiative by the Government of Karnataka to streamline citizen access to various government services.It functions as a single-window system,offering a convenient and centralized platform for interacting with different government departments.

What is Nadakacheri

Nadakacheris are primarily established at the Hobli level, a sub-division of a Taluk (administrative unit) in Karnataka.These local offices act as a crucial touchpoint for citizens residing in rural areas. Nadakacheris leverage backend computerization to ensure transparency, efficiency,and uniform application of rules while delivering services.


PurposeProvide land record services to citizens in Karnataka
FunctionOne-stop centers simplifying land record management
Services Offered* Issuing RTC copies (Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crops) * Mutation of land records * Encumbrance certificates * Land conversion (agricultural to non-agricultural) * Land map extracts
UsersLandowners,Tenants, Lawyers,Authorized representatives

Services Offered by Nadakacheri

The range of services offered by Nadakacheris is extensive, encompassing various departments and citizen needs.Here’s a glimpse into some of the key services:

1.Revenue Department Services:

• Land records access and mutation

• Issuing caste certificates and other relevant documents

2.Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department:

• Applying for and managing ration cards (availability may vary based on district)

3.Office of the Chief Registrar of Births and Deaths:

• Birth and death registrations (rural areas)

4.Other Services:

• Obtaining various certificates (income, domicile, etc.)

• Applying for government schemes and benefits

This list is not exhaustive, and the specific services offered by a Nadakacheri may vary depending on the location and department integrations.

Benefits of Nadakacheri

Nadakacheri offers several advantages for both citizens and the government:


Convenience: Single point of contact for multiple services, eliminating the need to visit different offices.

Transparency: Access to information and application status online (in some cases).

Efficiency: Faster processing of applications due to streamlined procedures.


Improved Service Delivery: Efficient management and monitoring of service requests.

Reduced Paperwork: Increased digitization reduces paper consumption and storage needs.

Better Citizen Engagement: Increased accessibility fosters trust and improves government-citizen interaction.

Nadakacheri Application status

1.First visit the official website of Nadakacheri.

2.Now click on Application status option.

3.Now enter your Acknowledegment number.


4.Click on check status.


Accessing Nadakacheri Services

There are two primary ways to access Nadakacheri services:

Offline: Visit your local Nadakacheri office and interact with designated officials for assistance.

Online: The Government of Karnataka has developed a state portal, Nadakacheri Karnataka, which provides information on various services and may offer online application options for specific services (availability may vary).

For online services, it’s advisable to check the official website for the latest information and updates.

How to Apply online for Nadakacheri

While Nadakacheri offers a variety of services, applying online for all services may not be currently available. However, you can leverage the online portal to learn more and potentially initiate applications for certain services. Here’s how:

1.Visit the Official Website: Head over to the official Nadakacheri Karnataka website: Nadakacheri Karnataka.

2.Explore Services: The website offers information on various services under the “Online Services” section. Explore this section to find the specific service you require.

3.Check Online Availability: Not all services may have online application options. Look for indications like “Apply Online” or similar phrasing next to the service description.

4.Apply Online (if available): If online application is available for your chosen service, the website will guide you through the process. This may involve registering, entering details, uploading documents, and submitting the application.


The online application functionality may vary depending on the specific service and your location. Even if online application isn’t available, the website can provide valuable information on the required documents, eligibility criteria, and procedures for applying offline at your nearest Nadakacheri office.

Some other important points

List of Online Services with Charges: This webpage on the Nadakacheri website provides details on services with online application options and associated charges (if any). You can find it under the “Important Links” section of the homepage.

Procedure for Application: This webpage explains the general application process, including both online and offline methods. You can find it under the “Important Links” section of the homepage.

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Documents required for Nadakacheri

The documents required for applying at Nadakacheri vary depending on the specific service you’re applying for.

1.ID Proof and Address Proof: This is typically mandatory for most services. Documents like Aadhar card, Voter ID, Ration Card, or Passport can serve as ID proof. For address proof, the same documents or utility bills (electricity, water) can be used.

2.Caste Certificate, Income Certificate, Residence Certificate:

• You may not need any documents to be uploaded initially if you have a ration card linked to your Aadhaar. The system can potentially retrieve details electronically.

• In case the electronic retrieval fails, you might need to submit scanned copies of documents supporting your caste, income, and residence.

3.Birth/Death Certificate: (Availability may vary by region)

• Proof of birth/death (hospital documents for birth, death certificate from a family member for death)


Nadakacheri represents a significant step towards citizen empowerment in Karnataka.By simplifying access to government services, it empowers citizens, particularly those in rural areas, to effectively participate in governance and avail of their entitlements.As the initiative progresses, continuous improvement and wider online service availability can further enhance its reach and effectiveness.


What is Nadakacheri?

Nadakacheri, also known as Bhoomi Kendra, are one-stop centers in the Indian state of Karnataka that provide land record services to citizens. These centers aim to simplify the land record management process and make it more accessible to the public.

What services does Nadakacheri offer?

Nadakacheri centers offfer a variety of services related to land records, including:

Issuing copies of RTC (Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crops)

Mutation of land records (transfer of ownership)

Encumbrance certificate (to check for any legal claims on a property)

Conversion of land from agricultural to non-agricultural purposes

Extracts from land maps

Who can visit Nadakacheri?

Any citizen of Karnataka who requires land record services can visit their nearest Nadakacheri center. This includes landowners, tenants, lawyers, and other authorized representatives.

What documents do I need to visit Nadakacheri?

The documents required to visit Nadakacheri will vary depending on the specific service you need. However, some commonly required documents include:

Aadhaar card (photo ID)

RTC (Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crops)

Sale deed or other ownership documents (if applicable)

Application form (specific to the service required)

How can I find my nearest Nadakacheri center?

You can find your nearest Nadakacheri center by contacting your local Tahsildar office or by searching online for a list of Nadakacheri centers in your district.

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