Bhoomi RTC

The Bhoomi RTC system stands as a cornerstone for land management in the Indian state of Karnataka. Launched in 2000, this digital initiative by the government streamlines access to crucial land records, offering transparency and efficiency.

What is Bhoomi RTC?

Bhoomi, which translates to “land” in Kannada, refers to the Karnataka government’s online platform for land record management. RTC, short for “Records of Rights, Tenancy and Crops,” is the official document issued by the government, also known as a Pahani. This document holds significant value, containing details like:

Land ownership: Identifying the legal owner(s) of the land parcel.

Soil type: Information about the land’s soil composition, relevant for agricultural purposes.

Crop details: Recording the crops currently cultivated or permitted on the land.

Other vital information: Additional details may include survey number, plot area, and encumbrances (any claims or restrictions on the land).

Bhoomi RTC
Bhoomi online RTC Karnataka

Name Bhoomi RTC Karnataka
Portal is forLand records of Karnataka
Launched by Karnataka Government
Registration Online
Managed by Revenue Department (BMC) Bhoomi Monitoring Cell Karnataka
Official website

Why is Bhoomi RTC Important?

The Bhoomi RTC serves multiple purposes:

Verification of ownership: It acts as a legal document proving land ownership, crucial for property transactions, obtaining loans, and resolving land disputes.

Transparency in land dealings: By providing readily accessible information, Bhoomi RTC promotes transparency in land transactions, minimizing fraudulent activities.

Simplified land management: The online platform allows individuals and authorized entities to easily access and manage land records, reducing bureaucratic hurdles.

Accessing Your Bhoomi RTC

The Karnataka government has made accessing Bhoomi RTC convenient through two primary methods:

Online portal: Visit the official Bhoomi website ( and use the available services to view and download your RTC based on details like survey number, owner name, or registration number.

Mobile app: Download the “Bhoomi Karnataka – RTC MR” app (available on Android) to access your land records and other functionalities directly from your smartphone.

Additional Points to Remember

• While the Bhoomi platform offers convenient access, it’s crucial to remember that the information displayed might not always be the latest. In case of any discrepancies or doubts, it’s advisable to contact the concerned revenue authorities for verification.

• The Bhoomi website and mobile app are available in both English and Kannada for user convenience.

By understanding the Bhoomi RTC system and its significance, citizens of Karnataka can effectively manage their land records and participate in transparent land dealings.

Land services available on bhoomi online Karnataka

Bhoomi online, also known as the Bhoomi RTC Karnataka platform, offers a variety of land services beyond just accessing the Records of Rights, Tenancy and Crops (RTC). Here’s a breakdown of the key services available:

Record Services:

View RTC and MR (Pahani): Access and download your land’s RTC document, containing ownership details, soil type, and crop information.

View Khata Extract: View details about your property tax assessment.

View RTC Information: Access general information about your land record, such as survey number and area.

Bhoomi Dashboard: View a personalized dashboard summarizing your landholdings and associated information.

Bhoomi RTC Mutation History: Track changes or updates made to your land record over time.

Report Services:

Dispute Cases: View the status of any ongoing land disputes associated with your property.

Village Wise Pendency: See the number of pending land-related cases in your village.

Land Conversion Services:

Apply Online for Land Conversion: Submit an online application to convert agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes.

View Conversion Request Status: Track the progress of your land conversion application.

Download Final Conversion Orders: Download the official document confirming the approval of your land conversion request.

Survey (SSLR) Services:

Viewing of Survey Documents: Access various survey documents related to your land, such as maps and sketches.

Request for Survey Documents: Submit a request to obtain physical copies of survey documents.

Revenue Maps: View digital maps depicting land parcels and ownership details in your area.

Other Services:

Crop Loan Waiver System: Access information and apply for government-sponsored loan waiver schemes for farmers.

Mojini: View information related to water resources and irrigation rights.

Parihara: Access details and apply for compensation schemes related to natural disasters affecting your land.

Mojini V3: Utilize the latest version of the Mojini platform for water-related land services.

Bhoomi Online Contact Details: Find contact information for relevant government departments related to land matters.

It’s important to note that some services might require registration or login on the Bhoomi platform. Remember, while Bhoomi online offers convenient access, it’s recommended to verify the information with concerned authorities for complete accuracy and address any discrepancies.

How to Check Bhoomi RTC record online

Here are the steps to check your Bhoomi RTC record online:

1. Visit the official Bhoomi website: Open a web browser and navigate to

Bhoomi RTC
Bhoomi RTC

2. Select “Services”: Look for the “Services” section on the homepage and click on it.

3. Choose “View RTC and MR”: From the list of available services, select the option labeled “View RTC and MR.” This will take you to the designated page for accessing your land records.

Bhoomi RTC

4. Enter required details: On the “View RTC and MR” page, you’ll be required to fill in specific details about the land you want to access information for. These details might include:

District: Select the district where the land is located.

Taluk: Choose the taluk (administrative sub-division) within the district.

Hobli: Enter the hobli (further sub-division) where the land falls.

Village: Specify the village name where the land is situated.

Survey Number: Provide the unique identification number assigned to the specific land parcel.

5. Click “Fetch Details”: Once you’ve entered all the necessary information, click the button labeled “Fetch Details.”

Bhoomi RTC

6. View and download RTC: The system will then search for the corresponding land record based on the details provided. If a match is found, you’ll be able to view the details of your land’s RTC, including ownership information, soil type, and crop details. You’ll also be given the option to download the RTC document in a format like PDF for future reference.

Bhoomi RTC
Bhoomi RTC

Additional notes:

• You can access the Bhoomi website and its services in both English and Kannada for your convenience.

• While registration is not mandatory for viewing the RTC, creating an account allows you to save land details and access personalized features like a Bhoomi dashboard.

• If the information displayed online seems inaccurate or incomplete, it’s advisable to contact the concerned revenue authorities for verification and clarification.

Bhoomi Online Mutation Status Karnataka

Steps to check your Bhoomi Online Mutation Status:

Online mutation status karnataka
Online mutation status karnataka

1. Visit the Bhoomi Portal or You can also go through link given below.

2. After clicking on the Mutation status link below it will take you direct status checking page.

3. Enter the required details:

• District

• Taluk

• Hobli

• Village

• Survey Number

• Surnoc Number

• Hissa Number

Click on “Fetch Details”.

The Mutation details, if any, will be displayed on your screen.This will show you whether there are any mutations pending for the specific land you inquired about.

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Bhoomi online RTC Karnataka Contact Details & Helpline Number

Bhoomi Monitoring Cell

SSLR Building, K.R. Circle

Bangalore – 560001

Email –

Tel – 080-22113255


1. What is Bhoomi online?

A: Bhoomi online, also known as Bhoomi RTC Karnataka, is a government platform for managing and accessing land records in the Indian state of Karnataka.

2. How can I access my Bhoomi RTC?

A: You can access your Bhoomi RTC by visiting the official website ( and selecting “Services” followed by “View RTC and MR.” Enter the required details like district, village, and survey number to fetch your record.

3. What services are available on Bhoomi online?

A: Bhoomi online offers various services, including:

Viewing and downloading RTC documents

Applying for land conversion (online)

Tracking land dispute cases

Viewing survey documents and maps

Accessing information on water resources and irrigation rights

Applying for government loan waiver schemes (for farmers)

4. Is registration required on Bhoomi online?

A: Registration is not mandatory for viewing your RTC, but it allows you to save land details, access a personalized dashboard, and utilize some additional features.

5. What if the information on Bhoomi online seems inaccurate?

A: While Bhoomi offers convenient access, it’s recommended to verify the information with the relevant revenue authorities for complete accuracy and address any discrepancies.

6. Is the Bhoomi website available in multiple languages?

A: Yes, the Bhoomi website and its services are accessible in both English and Kannada for user convenience.

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