Mahalakshmi scheme

The Mahalakshmi scheme was announced by the Indian National Congress (INC) party on September 18, 2023, as part of its manifesto for the upcoming Telangana Assembly elections.The scheme proposes to provide a monthly financial assistance of ₹2,500 to all women above the age of 18 in the state of Telangana.The scheme also includes subsidized LPG gas cylinders at ₹500 and free travel for women in state-run buses.

The Mahalakshmi scheme telangana is aimed at empowering women and improving their financial security. The scheme Maha Lakshmi is expected to benefit over 1.5 crore women in Telangana. The INC has stated that the scheme will be implemented if it wins the upcoming Assembly elections.

Mahalakshmi scheme
Mahalakshmi scheme

NameMahalakshmi scheme
State Telangana
Launched byCongress Party
Benefits Monthly assistance of Rupees 2500, Gas cylinder at 500 Rupees and Free Travel
Eligibility Only telangana house wives belongings to poor families
Registration modeOnline/Offline
Starting date28/12/2023
Last date06/01/2024
Helpline number comming soon
Official website Mahalakshmi Scheme

Mahalakshmi Scheme Telangana

The Mahalakshmi Scheme is a proposed welfare scheme in Telangana, India. It was announced by the Indian National Congress (INC) party in September 2023 as part of its manifesto for the upcoming Telangana Assembly elections. 

The scheme proposes to provide a monthly financial assistance of ₹2,500 to all women above the age of 18 in the state of Telangana. The scheme also includes subsidized LPG gas cylinders at ₹500 and free travel for women in state-run buses.

The Six Guarantees scheme is a set of six promises made by the Indian National Congress party to the people of Telangana during the 2023 state assembly elections. If the Congress party comes to power, they have vowed to implement these six schemes:

1.Mahalakshmi: This scheme would provide financial assistance to women. Under this scheme, women would receive ₹2,500 per month, a subsidized gas cylinder for ₹500, and free bus travel. 

2.Rythu Bharosa: This scheme would focus on supporting farmers and agricultural laborers. Farmers and leaseholders would get ₹15,000 per year per acre, while farm laborers would receive ₹12,000 per year. Additionally, a bonus of ₹500 per quintal would be given on paddy. 

3.Grih Jyoti: This scheme would provide free electricity to households up to 200 units. 

4.Indira Amma Indlo: This scheme would offer financial assistance and land for house construction. Beneficiaries would receive free land and ₹5 lakh for construction.

5.Rajya Arogyashri: This scheme would provide health insurance coverage of up to ₹10 lakh to senior citizens.

6.Yuva Vikasam: This Yuva Bulacan scheme would focus on the welfare of youth.Students would receive financial assistance of ₹5 lakh, and international schools would be opened in every district of Telangana. 

Mahalakshmi Scheme Telangana Features

Some important key features of the Mahalakshmi scheme in Telangana are :

Financial Assistance

Eligible women will receive a monthly financial assistance of Rs. 2500. This money can be used to cover basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter.

Free Gas Cylinders

Women will receive free LPG gas cylinders for cooking purposes.This will help to reduce their household expenses and make it easier for them to cook healthy meals.

Free Travel

Women will be able to travel for free in TSRTC buses across the state. This will make it easier for them to access education, healthcare, and other essential services.

Conditional Cash Transfer

Women will receive conditional cash transfers for education and vocational training. This money can be used to pay for school fees, books, and other educational expenses. It can also be used to pay for vocational training courses that will help women to develop new skills and get better jobs.

Skill Development

Women will be provided with skill development training to enhance their employability. This training can help women to learn new skills or improve their existing skills. It can also help them to find jobs in high-demand industries.

Self-Employment Opportunities

Women will be encouraged and supported to start their own businesses.This includes providing them with access to training, loans, and other resources.The government will also help women to connect with potential customers and markets.

Health Insurance

Women will be provided with free health insurance coverage.This will help them to access quality healthcare without having to worry about the cost.

Interest-Free Loans

Women will be able to take out interest-free loans to start or expand their businesses. This will help them to access the capital they need to succeed.

Marketing Support

Women will be provided with marketing support to help them sell their products and services. This includes helping them to develop marketing materials, connect with potential customers, and participate in trade shows.

Entrepreneurship Development

Women will be provided with entrepreneurship development training to help them develop the skills and knowledge they need to run successful businesses.This includes training in business planning, marketing, and finance.

Mahalakshmi scheme
Mahalakshmi scheme

Eligibility Criteria for Mahalakshmi scheme Telangana

Here are the eligibility criteria for the Mahalakshmi scheme in Telangana :


Must be a permanent resident of Telangana.This means that she must have been living in the state for at least six months and intends to continue living there indefinitely. She must also have valid proof of residence, such as a voter ID card, ration card, or Aadhaar card.


Must be between 18 and 55 years of age.This is to ensure that the benefits of the scheme are targeted towards women who are in the prime of their working lives and can make the most of the opportunities provided by the scheme.


Must be from a household with an annual income of less than Rs. 3 lakhs.This is to ensure that the scheme benefits the poorest and most vulnerable women in the state. The household income will be calculated based on the income of all members of the household, including the applicant.


Must belong to SC, ST, or BC categories.This is because these communities are historically disadvantaged and have lower incomes and lower levels of education than other communities in Telangana. The applicant must have a valid caste certificate issued by the government.


Must be the head of a household. This means that she is the primary caregiver for her family and is responsible for their well-being.The applicant must be able to provide evidence that she is the head of the household, such as a household survey form or a letter from the village panchayat.

Gas Connection

Must have a valid LPG gas connection in their name.This is because the scheme provides free LPG gas cylinders to beneficiaries. The applicant must be able to provide proof of gas connection, such as a gas connection receipt or a gas book.

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How to Apply Mahalakshmi scheme Online/Offline

For Online application

• The website will have a dedicated section for the Mahalakshmi scheme, where you can find the application form and other relevant information.

• To apply online, you will need to create an account on the website and provide the following information:

• Personal details (name, date of birth, address, contact number)

• Upload scanned copies of the required documents

For Offline application

• You can also apply for the scheme offline by submitting a hard copy of the application form to the nearest Gram Panchayat, Mandal office, or Municipal Corporation.

• The application form can be downloaded from the official website or obtained from the concerned office.

• Along with the application form, you will need to submit the original documents or copies of the required documents.

Application Verification

• Once the application is submitted, it will be verified by the concerned authorities.

• If the application is found to be complete the beneficiary will be issued a sanction letter.

• The sanction letter will contain details of the benefits that the beneficiary is entitled to.

Documents Required for Mahalakshmi scheme Telangana

• Once you have confirmed your eligibility, you will need to gather the following documents:

• Proof of residency (voter ID card, ration card, Aadhaar card)

• Caste certificate

• Income certificate

• Household survey form

• Aadhaar card

• Gas connection receipt or gas book


Q1: What is the Mahalakshmi scheme?

A1: A welfare scheme for women in Telangana, India, providing financial assistance, free gas cylinders, free travel, conditional cash transfers, skill development, and self-employment opportunities.

Q2: Who is eligible?

A2: Women aged 18-55 from SC, ST, or BC categories with an annual household income of less than Rs. 3 lakhs and a valid LPG gas connection.

Q3: How to apply?

A3: The application process is not yet open. Check the official website for updates.

Q4: When will it be implemented?

A4: The government has not yet announced a timeline.

Q5: What are the benefits?

A5: Financial assistance, free gas cylinders, free travel, conditional cash transfers, skill development, and self-employment opportunities.

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