Anna Bhagya Yojana

Social welfare schemes are crucial in a country such as India where millions of people suffer from poverty and food security.They help to alleviate the suffering of those who are economically disadvantaged.

Anna Bhagya, a government initiative in Karnataka, is one such notable initiative.The scheme was launched in 2023 to provide food security to families who are eligible and live below the poverty level in the state.

Anna Bhagya status check link
Anna Bhagya status check

NameAnna Bhagya Yojana
Launched byKarnataka government
Announced ByCongress Party Karnataka CM
Benefits Free 10 kg Rice per Person and Cash
BeneficiaryKarnataka Residents only
Helpline NumberComming Soon

Anna Bhagya yojana Objectives

Anna Bhagya’s primary goal is to eliminate hunger and malnutrition in economically disadvantaged families of Karnataka.The scheme provides affordable food grains to the beneficiaries in order to improve their nutritional status and well-being. It also aims to reduce the financial burden on low-income families who need to purchase essential food products, thereby promoting their socioeconomic development.

• The Scheme Anna bhagya is a Karnataka government-run program that provides subsidized rice to eligible families in Karnataka.

• The scheme was launched in 2013 and currently provides 10 kg of rice per person per month to beneficiaries.

• The Karnataka government has decided to provide cash for additional 5 kg of rice at the rate of Rs 34 /kg.

• The rice is distributed through ration shops across the state.

• The Anna bhagya scheme is funded by the state government and the central government.

In the beginning, eligible beneficiaries received 7 kilograms per month of rice.In 2021 the amount was reduced to 5 kilograms per person, per month.Beneficiaries can get the food grains via the Public Distribution System in Karnataka.

Eligibility of Anna Bhagya yojana

Anna Bhagya is a program that provides food grains to a number of categories.Here are the eligibility criteria of Anna bhagya :

• To be eligible for the Anna Bhagya Scheme, you must be a permanent resident of Karnataka.

• You must also be a below poverty line (BPL) cardholder or an Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) cardholder.

• You must also have a valid Aadhaar card.

Steps to apply Anna Bhagya scheme

To know how you can apply for Anna bhagya read the following steps below :

• There is no separate application process for the Anna Bhagya Scheme.

• You can simply visit your nearest ration shop with your BPL/AAY card and Aadhaar card.

• The shopkeeper will verify your eligibility and issue you 10 kg of rice per person per month.

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Anna bhagya amount checking link

• Click on the link below

• Select year and month

• enter your correct ration card number

site name where you can check

ahara kar

ahara kar nic in dbt
ahara kar nic in dbt

link to check Anna bhagya status

Implementation and impact

Anna Bhagya has been implemented in Karnataka with great success.The government has taken a number of measures to ensure that the scheme runs smoothly and reaches as many people as possible. The food grains are delivered to designated fair price shops in the state through an efficient supply chain.

Anna Bhagya has had a far-reaching impact. The Anna Bhagya scheme has had a significant impact on reducing hunger and malnutrition in economically disadvantaged communities. Food grains subsidized by the government have improved nutritional intake, resulting in better health outcomes for women and children.

The scheme has also had positive socioeconomic effects. Beneficiaries can now use their money to fund other necessities, such as education, health care, and skills development, by redirecting a portion of the income they would have spent on food. In turn, this contributes to the overall development of beneficiaries and gives them the power to break out of poverty.

The Challenges and the Path Forward

Anna Bhagya has been a great success but it’s not without its challenges.It is crucial that the PDS network functions efficiently, including the timely procurement and distribution food grains.The ongoing monitoring and improvement of the PDS network is necessary to address issues such as leakage, fraud, and the identification and verification of beneficiaries.

In order to maximize the benefits to recipients, it is important to periodically evaluate and assess the impact of the scheme.


Anna Bhagya, a Karnataka social welfare program that seeks to eliminate hunger and malnutrition in economically disadvantaged people, is a shining example.The Anna Bhagya scheme in Karnataka has had a major impact on millions of people’s lives by providing them with subsidized grains.This improved their socio-economic status and nutritional status.

The Anna Bhagya Scheme promises to create a more equal society where everyone has access to nutritious and adequate food.

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