E Paddy

E paddy is an online paddy procurement system launched by the Department of Food and Supplies of the Government of West Bengal, India. It aims to streamline the process of paddy procurement from farmers by making it transparent, efficient, and farmer-friendly.

E paddy procurement
E paddy procurement

Name E Paddy
Launched ByGovernment of West Bengal
Name of DepartmentFood Supply Department of West Bengal
EligibilityAll farmers of the state
BenefitTo help farmers of the state
Registration modeOnline
E Paddy Procurement Registration LinkRegistration link
Official Websitehttps://epaddy.wb.gov.in/

How E paddy Works

Farmer Registration: Farmers can register themselves on the e-paddy portal by providing their basic details and landholding information. They can also register at their nearest paddy procurement center, BSK (Block Supply Officer) office, or inspector’s office.

Self-Scheduling: Once registered, farmers can self-schedule their paddy sale on the portal by choosing a convenient date and time at their preferred procurement center. This eliminates the need for them to wait in long queues.

Payment: After the paddy is weighed and quality is checked, farmers receive instant payment electronically directly into their bank accounts. This ensures transparency and eliminates the chances of middlemen and delays.

Benefits of E paddy

Transparency: The entire procurement process is online, making it transparent and accountable.

Efficiency: Self-scheduling reduces waiting time for farmers and expedites the procurement process.

Timely Payment: Electronic payments ensure farmers receive their dues promptly.

Convenience: Farmers can access all information and services related to paddy sale online or at their nearest procurement center.

Some other additional details about E paddy

• The portal is available in Bengali and English.

• Farmers can track the status of their registration and paddy sale online.

• The portal also provides information on paddy prices, procurement centers, and government schemes.

• E-paddy has been operational since 2014 and has been successful in reducing corruption and improving farmer satisfaction.

Eligibility Criteria of E paddy

Be a farmer: You must be actively engaged in paddy cultivation and possess valid land documentation proving ownership or leasehold rights.

Age: Some states might have minimum and maximum age limits for registration.

Aadhaar card: You must have a valid Aadhaar card for identification purposes.

Bank account: You need a valid bank account for receiving payments electronically.

Additional Requirements

Landholding size: Some states might have minimum or maximum landholding size requirements.

Paddy variety: Eligibility might be restricted to specific paddy varieties grown in the region.

Previous paddy sales: Registration might be limited to farmers with a history of paddy sales to government procurement centers.

Other government schemes: Participation in certain government agricultural schemes might be required.

Important points to remember

• Always refer to the official website of your state’s e-Paddy program for the specific eligibility criteria and any updates.

• Contact the local authorities or extension officers for clarifications and assistance with the registration process.

Registration Process of E paddy

Step 1: Visit the e-Paddy website:

Go to the official e-Paddy website: https://epaddy.wb.gov.in/

Step 2: Choose your language:

Select your preferred language for the registration process (Bengali or English).

Step 3: Click on “Farmer Self Registration”:

This option is usually on the homepage or under the “Farmers” section.

Step 4: Enter your details:

Carefully fill in the online registration form with the following information:

• Aadhaar number

• Mobile number

• Other required details as per the form (e.g., name, father’s name, address)

Step 5: Upload documents:

Click the designated buttons to upload scanned copies of your:

• Aadhaar card

• Land documents

• Bank passbook

Step 6: Verify your mobile number:

You will receive OTP on your registered mobile number to verify your identity.

Step 7: Submit your application:

Review all the information you entered and uploaded. Once satisfied, click the “Submit” button.

Step 8: Track your application:

You will receive a confirmation message and registration number.With the help of this registration number you can check your Status.

Additional Tips

• Before submitting your E Paddy Application check your Information carefully then submit

• Ensure the uploaded documents are clear and readable.

• Keep your registration number safe for future reference.

Documents required for E Paddy 2024

Aadhaar Card: A valid government-issued photo ID with your Aadhaar number clearly visible.

Land Documents: Proofs of your land ownership or leasehold rights. This could include:

Land ownership certificate

Land lease agreement

Khatian (land record)

Self-declaration for landless farmers (format provided by the program)

Bank Passbook: Showing your account details for receiving electronic payments.

Additional Documents

Passport-sized Photograph: Some states might require a recent passport-sized photograph.

Mobile Number: Ensure you have your mobile number readily available for verification through OTP.

Other Government Documents: Depending on the state, additional documents like farmer registration certificates or specific paddy variety certificates might be required.

Tips for Document Preparation

• Make sure all documents are scanned clearly and uploaded in the required format (usually PDF).

• Double-check that all information on the documents matches your registration details.

• Keep the original documents readily available for verification if needed.

Download your e-Paddy Registration Certificate

1. Go to the website: Visit the e-Paddy website: https://epaddy.wb.gov.in/

2. Find the download section: Look for “Registration Certificate Download” or “Farmer Registration Certificate Generate” on the homepage or under “Quick Links”.

3. Enter your information:Choose: Enter your 20-digit Registration Number or Aadhaar Number.

Type: Carefully enter the chosen number and the captcha code.

Click: Hit “Generate OTP”.

4. Verify and download:

Check phone: You’ll receive an OTP on your registered number.

Enter OTP: Type the received OTP in the field. –

Click: Select “Validate & Generate Certificate”. –

Download: Click “Download PDF” to save your certificate.

Bonus: If you don’t have your Registration Number, use your Aadhaar Number by selecting the “Aadhaar Number” option on the download page.

How check your e Paddy status

There are two main ways to check your e-Paddy status, depending on what information you have and what aspect of your e-Paddy registration you want to verify:

1. Check Registration Status:

If you want to verify if your farmer registration is complete and active:

Visit the e-Paddy website: https://epaddy.wb.gov.in/


• Click on “Farmer Registration Status”.

• Enter your Aadhaar Number, Registration Number, EPIC No., or KB ID in the designated field.

• Click “Submit”.

• The website will display your registration status (Active, Inactive, De-activated) and any pending validations.

2. Check Payment Status:

If you want to track the payment status for paddy you sold:

• Visit the e-Paddy website again.

• Look for the section labeled “Farmer Payment Status” or “Payment Inquiry”.

• Enter your Aadhaar Number, Registration Number, or EPIC No. in the required field.

• Click “Submit”.

• The website will show you the details of your paddy sale, including the payment status (credited, pending, etc.).

Additional options

• You can also download your Registration Certificate from the “FARMER SPECIAL SERVICES LINKS” section.

• If you have any issues or need further assistance, you can contact the Department of Food & Supplies, Govt. of West Bengal using the information available on the e-Paddy website.

Important notes

• Make sure you have the correct information readily available.

• The website mentions it was last updated in November 2020. If you encounter any issues, consider contacting the Department of Food & Supplies for assistance.


1. Q: How do I register as a farmer on e-Paddy?

A: Visit the e-Paddy website and navigate to “Farmer Registration.” Select with or without Knowledge Base (KB) and follow the online instructions.

2. Q: How do I download my e-Paddy Registration Certificate?

A: Go to “FARMER SPECIAL SERVICES LINKS” > “Certificate Download.” Enter your Registration Number or Aadhaar Number, generate and validate an OTP, then click “Download PDF.”

3. Q: Where can I sell my paddy through e-Paddy?

A: Check the “Camp Schedule” under “CMR” for mobile collection centers near you. Alternatively, sell at permanent Centralized Procurement Centers (CPCs).

4. Q: How do I check my paddy payment status?

A: Go to “FARMER SPECIAL SERVICES LINKS” > “Farmer Payment Status.” Enter your Aadhaar Number, Registration Number, or EPIC No. to see payment details.

5. Q: I’m having trouble with e-Paddy.Whom can I contact?

A: Refer to the “Contact Us” section on the e-Paddy website for Department of Food & Supplies contact information.

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